Little Elm, TX

Shannon Carbaidwala

I began struggling with my weight starting in my early 20’s. A bad diet and lack of exercise slowly packed on the pounds. The weight issues compounded after the birth of both of our daughters. Particularly after the 2nd child, I found that the baby weight would not come off on its own. I have always loved running and thought that marathon training would help, but that did little to lose the weight. Not seeing results discouraged me even more which caused the bad eating habits to continue. I had watched female members of my family battle weight issues their entire life to the point of having decreased mobility. Watching my mother get winded easily from simple activity made me realize I needed to be in better shape for my children.


I had watched fad diets and weight loss surgeries fail with family members and knew the only true way was through proper nutrition and exercise. It had to be the right exercise though. I was not interested in being bored at the gym with lack of accountability. At the time Mustaali was participating in his 10 week session at Farrell’s, I was taking a boot camp 3 days a week. Although it was better than the gym, I didn’t really feel accountable to be there and it slowly uninterested me. I started following the Farrell’s nutrition with my husband and began seeing incremental changes. In January 2012 I joined Farrell’s and that decision changed my life.


I promised myself that I was going to give it 110%. Although I never thought I would have the chance of winning the challenge, I wanted to end my 10 weeks knowing that every day I gave it my Level 10 and that there was nothing I could have done different to get better results.

At orientation…I gave it my level 10. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do a ton of push-ups on my toes, but I wanted to see how I would improve. I did 15 on my toes the day of orientation. Through the 10 week program, I gave it my Level 10 every day. I attended the 5am class and prided myself on my attendance. I had to miss 3 days total due to a preplanned business trip, but I purchased bands, made sure to complete my workouts, and stuck with my nutrition.


I ended the 10 week program on March 17, 2012 in better shape mentally and physically than I had ever been. I lost over 10 inches and 16.6 pounds which was 13% of my starting body weight. I also attempted to break Mustaali’s push-up record of 100 by completing 70 push-ups on my toes in a minute. I was a stronger me than I ever thought possible.


When my name was announced as one of the $1000 winner’s of my session, I was beyond stunned. Without the motivation from my coach, all of the instructors, and my partner and peers, I would have never seen the results that I did. I was inspired to give back by also becoming a coach and inspiring others. Multiple friends and family have now participated in this program and have received incredible results.

Shannon Carbaidwala is currently not instructing any classes.

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