Little Elm, TX

Ayanna Grundmeier

Overweight, tired, poor health, achy joints, failing confidence and emotionally drained are not the descriptors of the person I wanted to be. But, it was the person I was becoming more and more each day. Spending time with my husband and our kids have always been the bright spot as we enjoy our time together. However, following a year of constant change, I was beginning to feel a bit lost with only focusing on everyone else around me and ignoring myself…my health…my spirit. It was time to snap back into it remember who I was and what I’m capable of!


I’d tried all sorts of boot camps, gym memberships, ordered as-seen-on-TV videos that would work for a short period of time but wouldn’t stick for very long. They weren’t very engaging so it was easy to fall off the wagon. So when I saw Shannon & Mustaali’s new membership ads for the new Farrell’s program coming soon nearby, I was encouraged but on the fence and a bit skeptical. I looked up the site to find out more on the program and then made the phone call. I spoke with Shannon and it sounded promising, a fun program my husband & I could join to motivate each other. However, due to his travel schedule at the time, the starting session wasn’t going to work for him to join with me right away. A bit disappointed, I suggested we wait for the next session so we could start the 10 week challenge together. He told me no and encouraged me to check it out alone, motivate myself, and get back to the old me because he knew I could…he was right! After sharing a bit of my story with Mustaali, he shared an inspirational video with me of a Farrell’s success story and low and behold, I saw part of MY story. After that moment, no more reservations, it was time to begin!


Week 1 wasn’t easy. I was thrown into the full swing of cardio & strength training. I was sweating a lot, couldn’t breathe, sore all over and I loved it! It was a routine that I longed missed from days of old. I’ve met some really great FXB people like Allison Kulle, Nick Francour and many others on my transformative journey who re-ignited a passion and competitive spirit that I had long forgotten. But I wasn’t competing with anyone else other than myself. Resetting goals, remembering the satisfaction in hitting them and continuing to adjust and go bigger to hitting my Level 10. I know what that means…MY LEVEL 10. My level 10 is knowing I gave it everything I had for 45 minutes, not giving up, getting rid of the old excuses, staying on track with better nutrition. All of this led to vast improvements in my health with weight loss, increased energy, regained confidence, and most importantly quality time with my family.


I now get to enjoy helping others hit their Level 10 through coaching and instructing. It’s one of the most rewarding opportunities to help others on their journey and I hope I can help inspire them to do the things I know they can achieve!


Finally taking that step into the Farrell’s Extreme Body in Little Elm, Texas has led to many life changing steps to being a healthier and happier person. I cannot thank Shannon & Mustaali Carbaidwala enough for helping to guide my focus on what’s most important…ME. Three sessions working at Level 10 has led to a healthier and sustainable routine that’s enabled me to improve my health & well-being so I am around to continue to participate and take care of my family while guiding others on a similar path. I feel like my old self is now my new self…


Ayanna Grundmeier is currently not instructing any classes.

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